Wireless Printing at Lane Library

The library offers a service where you can email or upload files to be printed on any one of our three copy/print stations. You will first need to create an account with the service, after which you can either log in to the site and upload your files, or you can attach them to emails and send them in that way.

To start, go to http://siteup.ocsinc.ca/site/register

Enter your email address in the box provided, then select Lane Memorial Library from the dropdown "Site" list.

Click "Register email" and wait for the screen to finish processing.

You will be provided with the link from which you can upload files to be printed:  http://siteup.ocsinc.ca/lanePL   Follow the instructions on the page.

You will receive an email with the upload link as well as two email addresses to which you can simply email your files to be printed. Select the email address for either black and white printing or color.

After uploading or email the item(s) you want to print, go to one of the library's three print release stations to have it printed. Ask the staff for assistance if necessary.

If you are having difficultly using our wireless printing instructions, please email all documents you would like to be printed to ref@hampton.lib.nh.us.