Official Souvenir Program Book

January 1 – December 31, 1988

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Board of Selectmen - 1988 Standing Left to Right: John R. Walker, John J. Lessard, Ansell W. Palmer; Seated Left to Right: Glyn P. Eastman, Dona R. Janetos

The members of the 1987-88 Board of Selectmen are honored to participate in the 350th Anniversary of our Town. We know that we follow capable and industrious leaders and that in turn we shall be succeeded by equally distinguished public servants.

Too often the Board of Selectmen must act on problems and disputes, both small and large, and these are the stuff news is made of; consequently we tend to think of our Town in terms of these problems — growth, traffic, taxes, sewers; landfill, sidewalks. As a result, sometimes we lose sight of the positive aspects of Hampton. Its location is ideal, the growth has not destroyed the sense of community, the employees are loyal, the schools turn out responsible graduates, and our citizenry is active and caring. As we look at what is good about Hampton, we are not surprised that it is one of the nation’s oldest towns, and we are further inspired to do our best to preserve the good and solve the problems so that our descendants may continue to celebrate anniversaries.

/s/Dona R. Janetos
Dona R. Janetos, Chairman
/s/Ansell W. Palmer
Ansell W. Palmer, Vice-Chairman
/s/John R. Walker
John R. Walker
/s/John J. Lessard
John J. Lessard
/s/Glyn P. Eastman
Glyn P. Eastman

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