Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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The 1945 Baseball Team: The Hampton Academy & High School baseball team of 1945 was, apparently, a happy bunch. Front row, left to right: Richard B. Law ’45, Richard B. Chevalier ’45, Richard D. Weeks ’45, Richard R. Grenier ’45 and Ezra C. (“Zeke”) Trumbull, Jr. ’45. Middle row: Wallace Shaw, John A. Trumbull ’47, Bruce M. MacLaughlin ’47 and E. Gerard Grenier ’48. Back row: Donald Blatchford, Harvey O. Elliot ’46, Coach Edward (“Chick”) Olsen, Wayne I. Elliot ’46 and Wilson P. (“Bill”) Dennett ’46. [Photo courtesy of Dick Chevalier ’45]

Junior Class Play, Class of 1945: Coached by Mrs. Ruth E. Durant of the faculty, the Class of 1945 presented “Gabriel Blow Your Horn” as its Junior Class Play in 1944. Seated players, from left are: Priscilla M. Leonard, Charles Tad Wilson and Raychel M. Burnham.. Standing, from left: Richard B. Chevalier, William Powers, Margaret M. O’Brien, John E. O’Brien, Shirley A. Brown, Richard D. Weeks, Nancy M. Thompson, Virginia M. Hayward and Ezra C. Trumbull, Jr. All graduated in 1945 except Powers who had joined the Army. The 36-member Class of ’45 lost many original members because of World War II. “The Buccaneer” for 1945 lists no fewer than 55 “ex-members” who had been classmates at one time or another during the Class’s school days. Most of the 33 boys listed had, or course, left to join the service.
[Photo courtesy of Dick Chevalier ’45]