Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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Hampton Academy football team 1924

The Academy’s First Football Team (1924): Front row, left to right: Clarence E. Shaw, Ralph R. Johnson ’25, Ralph B. Seavey ’25, Arthur B. Collins, Jr. ’26, Arnold George, Allan P. Skoog ’27 and Lawrence E. Keen ’25. Back row: Paul W. Hobbs ’25, Edmund Langley, Carlisle E. Moody ’27, John T. White ’25, Myrle L. Ring ’25 and Lawrence E. Tilton. Not pictured: Philip Nudd ’26, Winston Brown, Richard Waters and Coach Clayton W. Johnson ’20. (The “dump” ordered “Filled and beautified” by the Academy Trustees in 1928, can be seen at left rear. The home in the photo is at 157 High St.)
[Photo courtesy of Paul Hobbs ’25]

Twenty-five Years Later (1949): Front row from left: Lawrence Tilton, Myrle Ring, Richard Waters, Paul Hobbs, John White, Ralph Seavey and Clarence Shaw. Second row from left (1949 Academy Varsity and JV Teams): Robert J. Chevalier ’50, Robert C. Robinson ’50, Bernard-Wm. M. Campbell ’50 (Captain), Dudley E. Carter ’50, Bruce F. Aquizap ’51 and Donald D. Brown ’50. Third row: Donald L. Ring ’52, Robert G. McIlveen ’51, Stanley R. Southwick ’51, Murray L. Smith ’51, Carl S. Campbell ’51 and David R. Chevalier ’50. Fourth row: Edward N. Hannan ’51, Carl D. Walker ’51, Wayne A. Mann ’51, Perry A. Barnes ’50 (with face mask), Jamieson E. Holway ’51, James Sullivan X’53 and Paul M. Vatcher ’53. Fifth row: Kelvin W. Dalton ’52, L. Robert Marelli ’52 and Peter H. Harney ’53. Sixth row: P. Kendall Hobbs ’52, Richard D. McIlveen ’52, Robert Percival X’53, George O. Olson, Jr. ’52 and Stephen L. Kuchtey ’52. Back row: James Wright X’53.
On November 1, 1969 — 45 years after that 1924 team took the field — five members of the original team returned to Hampton for the ceremonies commemorating the Centennial of American Football (considered to date from the November 6, 1869, contest involving Princeton at Rutgers). John White, Clarence Shaw, Lawrence Tilton, Edmund Langley and Paul Hobbs returned to participate in the pre-game ceremonies with Ed Langley throwing out the game ball to Donald E. Kelsey ’59, Captain of the first W.H.S. team (1958). In the Centennial Game which followed, the Warriors defeated the arch-rival Exeter Blue Hawks 36-14. Despite an intensive search, no photo could be uncovered of the returning Buccaneers at the ceremonies. [Photo courtesy of Paul Hobbs ’25]