Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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All the member of the Class of ’42 are pictured in this composite. Across bottom, left to right: Alice Merchant, John A. Blevins II, Louise G. O’Brien, Caroline A. Merrill, Earl H. Blatchford, Robert R. Cushing and Marion M. Elwell. Next row up, from left: Billie Marie Roberts, David F. Colt, Jr., Eugene E. Keenan and Natalie L. Brooks. Middle row: Norman N. Merrill, Frances Benoit, Mrs. Helen Kimball Brown, of the faculty, Betty V. Watson and Charles Akerman, Jr. Next row up: John L. Hayden, Esther L. Locke, Alcot (“Smokey”) Stover, Louise Davidson, Headmaster Bruce E. Russell, Lucille M. Young and John P. Brooks. Top row: Arthur C. Waldron, Betty Jane Brown, Laura Mae Elkins, Anne L. Penniman and Edwin L. Batchelder, Jr. All the students except Alice Merchant and Frances Benoit graduated in June 1942. Miss Benoit graduated with the Class of 1943. [Photo courtesy of Tuck Museum]

Graduation program logos of some of the 53 high-school classes that were graduated from the old Academy building between 1887 and 1940. The drawing of the 1852 Academy building, by Richard L. Montgomery of Hampton, is one of an historic series executed for the Hampton Historical Society.