Hampton Beach -- Past, Present and Future

A collection of links and articles on Hampton Beach throughout history

Hampton Beach's past

Hampton Beach's early history
Chapter 29 of Joseph Dow's History of Hampton
Peter Randall's Hampton, A Century of Town and Beach
The first several chapters are on Hampton Beach
Hotels of Hampton and Hampton Beach
Links to photos and articles
Beach Rambles; What I Found at Hampton Beach
by Professor J.W. Chickering, Jr., published in The American Naturalist , vol. 5, 1871
Hampton Beach in 1871
A brief description of town and beach in 1871.
Old Hampton Tales of Sea and Shore
Reminiscences by Thomas Leavitt of life in Hampton and Hampton Beach in the mid 1800s, originally published in 1898 and 1899.
Pleasure Spots for Summer Vacationists
A 1912 publicity release advertising Hampton Beach, from the owners of the Casino
Along the Hampton Shore
By Harry Alden Johnson. History, travelogue and pictures dated 1913
Hampton Beach, NH, the Atlantic City of New England
by Percy G. Lamson
Hampton Beach publicity pamphlet from 1922
The Need for a Study of the Erosion and Accretion at Hampton Beach
by James W. Goldthwaite, Ph.D.
Late 1920s study of the effects of storm erosion on the Hampton Beach coastline
Stories of the olden days at Hampton Beach
by William Dow Cram and William Everett Cram, written in 1937 and 1938.
Is New Rum Legal Tender in Old Hampton?
1938 reminiscences of Exeter's Henry A. Shute on 74 years spent visiting Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach vacation brochure
Read a promotional brochure on Hampton Beach that was published around 1940.
The Beachcomber, July 7, 1948
Read about the goings-on at Hampton Beach during the summer of 1948
HAMPTON BEACH . . . A Major Shoreline Industry
The Shoreliner Magazine , August 1950
Hampton Beach Village District Precinct 50th anniversary banquet
1907-1957 (PDF)
It Took 100 Years to Develop Hampton Beach
By Frances M. Paul, Hampton Union , Ca. 1970s
A Brief History of Hampton Beach
By Irene Palmer, December 18, 1995

Fast Company with the Two Jacks of Hampton Beach
The story of two men, Jack Walsh and Jack Hines, who came to Hampton Beach in 1925 and ran a series of businesses at the beach for many years.

Contemporary News and Accounts of Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach Renaissance: New condos, lodgings, the latest signs of revitalization
Seacoast Sunday, May 3, 2015
Makeover for businesses at Hampton Beach
Hampton Union, May 16, 2014
Hampton's Ocean Boulevard Eyed for Reconstruction
Hampton Union, January 5, 2014
Hampton police, schools face post-summer challenges
Seacoast Sunday , October 27, 2013
New Push For Improving Transportation to Beach
Seacoast Sunday , March 17, 2013
Blue Ocean Society Eyes Beach Space at Seashell
Seacoast Sunday , March 10, 2013
Can Hampton Beach Actually Be A Year-Round Resort?
Hampton-NorthHamptonPatch.com , March 1, 2013
Hampton Beach Making Strides Toward Becoming a Year-Round Destination
Hampton-NorthHamptonPatch.com , February 27, 2013
Selectmen Deny Beach District Secession
Hampton-NorthHamptonPatch.com , December 18, 2012
Island secession petition opposed
Hampton Union , December 14, 2012
White Island Wants to Secede from Hampton Beach Village District
Hampton Union , November 23, 2012
Construction Begins at Site of '99 Old Salt Blaze
Hampton Union , October 12, 2012
E Street shuffle: Man pushes to honor Bruce Springsteen at Hampton Beach
Hampton Union , October 2, 2012
Gov. Lynch Leads Gala Opening for Hampton Beach Complex
Hampton Union , June 5, 2012
Gala to Celebrate Debut of Hampton Beach Complex
Hampton Union , June 1, 2012
Superstar Beach: Hampton is Honored for Water Quality
Hampton Union , July 1, 2011
Commission Chair Helps Revitalization
Hampton Union , June 14, 2011
Gov. Lynch opens new Hampton Beach bathhouses
Hampton Union , May 13, 2011
Seashell Stage is Torn Down
Hampton Union , October 1, 2010
Seashell Complex Demolition Begins at Hampton Beach
Hampton Union , September 28, 2010
Governor Lynch, Others Break Ground on $14.5 Million Hampton Beach Project
Hampton Union , May 7, 2010
Economic Summit Takes on Needs of Hampton Beach Businesses
Hampton Union , May 7, 2010
Rising from the Ashes
Hampton Union , May 4, 2010
Out of the Ashes: Hampton Beach Businesses Plan Economic Development Summit
Seacoast Sunday , March 14, 2010
Pure Plunge: Seacoast Beach Water 'Cleanest in New England,' No. 2 in Nation
Atlantic News , Friday, August 7, 2009
Legislature Approves New Seashell Stage.
Hampton Union , June 30, 2009
The Future of Hampton Beach
Seacoast Scene , June 3, 2009
Beach Bus From Epping to Hampton Won't Be Back
Herald Sunday , May 3, 2009
NH House Passes Seashell Project
Hampton Union , April 14, 2009
Hampton Beach Legends Lauded
Hampton Union , August 19, 2008
Precinct: Local Beach Boys Honored
Hampton Union , August 15, 2008
State Commissioner Against Aquarium at Hampton Beach State Park
Herald Sunday , April 20, 2008
Hampton Beach Village District Honors Contributors
August 19, 2007
Article courtesy Maureen Buckley, HB Village District Commissioner
Trash on the Beach: A Growing Problem
A Brief History of the Hampton Beach Village District Precinct, 1907-2007, Part 5.
Atlantic News , September 14, 2007
Beautification of the Hampton Beach Village District
A Brief History of the Hampton Beach Village District Precinct, 1907-2007, Part 4.
Atlantic News , September 7, 2007
Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary
A Brief History of the Hampton Beach Village District Precinct, 1907-2007, Part 3.
Atlantic News , August 31, 2007
Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary
A Brief History of the Hampton Beach Village District Precinct, 1907-2007, Part 2,
Atlantic News , August 24, 2007
Celebrating Our 100th Anniversary
A Brief History of the Hampton Beach Village District Precinct, 1907-2007, Part 1,
Atlantic News , August 17, 2007
Hampton Beach Village District History
Atlantic News , July 13, 2007
Parking Tickets That People Want
Story about summer parking at Hampton Beach, from the Herald Sunday , August 19, 2007
Healthcare with a heart
Story about the free medical clinic at Hampton Beach, from the Herald Sunday , December 10, 2006
Drawing A Crowd
Hampton Union , August 8, 2006
Trouble at the Seashell
The roof of the seashell is collapsing, from Hampton Union , July 25, 2006
Seashell Complex Upgrade
Hampton Union , May 9, 2006
Hampton Beach slowly coming to life year-round
Article from the March 5, 2006 Herald Sunday , on the growing winter-season activity at Hampton Beach.
Summer Plans Are Sizzling At The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce
Atlantic News , March 21, 2002
Hampton Beach Free from 1897 Ties that Bind
Herald Sunday , March 26, 2000
Turning the Tide at Hampton Beach , Efforts to restore the family image at the region's most developed resort area gained momentum this year with battles over T-shirts and parking. But that may be only the beginning.
New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday , July 31, 1988
Break-up at the Beach
The Hampton Beach Precinct, already split by two major secessions, may not endure much longer.
New Hampshire Seacoast Sunday , May 22, 1988
Storm Clouds Over Hampton
The story of the Hampton Beach Improvement Company and the leased land at the beach as it stood in 1981.
New Hampshire Times , May 6-13, 1981

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