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Providing Fun for Everyone

By Aubry Bracco, Alantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, July 13, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

HAMPTON BEACH — How much do you really know about the Hampton Beach Village District?

One hundred years ago, Hampton Beach suffered continuous fires as a result of afternoon breezes and the lack of sprinkler systems in old, open buildings.

“The beach kept on burning down,” explained Seacoast resident, John Kane.

When beach residents requested and were denied fire prevention help, Kane said, they rallied and decided to spend an extra portion of their taxes in order to protect their neighborhood. Hampton Beach’s fire station is still in operation today on Ashworth Avenue.

In addition to fire protection, the District worked to modernize the beach and attract visitors by installing electricity and waterworks. Today, the Hampton Beach Village District delivers hospitality to beach residents and visitors.

Whether you’re relaxing at a bandstand, playing with kids at the playground, enjoying some newly planted flowers, or viewing one of the 80 annual acts performed on the Seashell Stage, you can bet the Hampton Beach Village District has played a part in providing the fun.

The District is responsible for 13 weekly firework shows every Wednesday during the summer as well as the Independence Day display and is pleased to help bring beach-goers June’s Annual Sand Sculpting Competition, the Hampton Beach Volleyball Competition and “Seacoast Idol.”

In cooperation with the Hampton Chamber of Commerce and New Hampshire State Parks, the District is pleased to contribute and participate in the Children’s Festival, held each August.

“They all work very well,” Kane said of the organizations that contribute to beach events.

According to Kane, Brian Warburton, Seacoast regional supervisor of the State Division of Parks and Recreation, is always particularly helpful. “He has really taken ownership,” Kane said of Warburton who sometimes works from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. to prepare for beach events.

This year, the Hampton Beach Village District plans to celebrate its centennial anniversary with “a special night of entertainment” on Sunday, August 19, which will feature a Broadway act by the Air Force Band.

Following the performance, Kane said the District will acknowledge those who have contributed to the Hampton Beach Village District over the years and a “special fireworks shoot” will be held.

In the second week of September, a centennial celebration ball will be held at the Ashworth by the Sea. ‘Tickets for the event will be sold.

So remember what the Hampton Beach Village District does for the community, and remember to help celebrate its 100th anniversary. To keep up on the latest beach events, visit www.

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