History of the United Methodist Church of Hampton, NH

The Methodist Episcopal Church
From Joseph Dow's History of Hampton
(From it's Settlement in 1638, to the Autumn of 1892)
Methodist Church Sunday School Class
Mrs. Clough, Teacher -- c. 1900s
Popularity is Proved By Public Reception
Rev. Robert S. Barker and Family Leave Hampton
For The North Country With "Every Good Wish"
The Hamptons' Union , November 15, 1928
Hampton United Methodist Church
From Peter Randall's Hampton: A Century of Town and Beach, 1888-1998
Methodist Church Observes 110th Anniversary Sunday
Hampton Union , October 10 & 13, 1946
History of the United Methodist Church of the Hamptons
from the 75th anniversary edition of Hampton Union , July 23, 1975
Religious Birthright Big Help To Local Methodists
A brief history of the Methodist Church by James W. Tucker, Hampton Union , December 4, 1958
Methodist Church Building Project Nears Completion
by James W. Tucker, Hampton Union , December 11, 1958
Hampton United Methodist Church Hymnal Singers
Oceanside Grange Hears Singers, The Portsmouth Herald , March 19, 1969
Did you know?? Vignettes of Methodist Church History
by John M. Holman. Contributing Writer
1969 Hampton United Methodist Church Pictorial Booklet
Includes photos of many family members who were members at the time.
United Methodist Church Welcomes its New Pastor, Rev. Carroll C. Moore
Atlantic News , August 8, 1995
Making Room For Music Makers
Atlantic News , August 4, 2006
Hampton Minister Retiring After 45 Years
Rev. Moore spent last 15 years at Hampton United Methodist Church
Herald Sunday , June 6, 2010
Church Welcomes New Pastor
Ceremony for Rev. Notis on Sunday
Hampton Union , September 10, 2010
Methodist Church Celebrates Pipe Organ Anniversary
Hampton Union , November 8, 2013
Methodist Church Bell to Ring Again
Hampton Union , July 8, 2014

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