Memorial Stone to the founders of Hampton
The plaque on the stone in Hampton’s
Founder’s Park commemorating the
founding of the town in 1638.

The Reverend Stephen Bachiler founded the town of Hampton in 1638-9 at the age of about 77 years. He probably died in London in 1656 (not in Hackney in 1660 as is so often reported). Although his origins in England are unknown, he led a long and colorful life. Much has been written about him, a lot of which is untrue or inaccurate. Several short biographies of him can be found on this website through the links below. For the latest up-to-date and authoritative information, read the section on him in “The Great Migration Begins : immigrants to New England, 1620-1633” by Robert Charles Anderson and published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston in 1995. All references that may be found in various places on the Internet to his “father” Philip Bachiler are incorrect and should be ignored or, preferably, corrected. Much research has been done to search for his parentage in England, but to date there has been no success.

Stephen Bachiler