Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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“The Selling of the Academy, 1940”

The Selling of the Academy, 1940“: In July 1940 the Academy building of 1852 was sold at auction for $200 to a Newburyport wrecking and salvage company. On the same day Hampton’s East End School House was auctioned off for $120, but it was not razed until some years later. Pictured here in front of the Academy are those who assembled for the Academy sale. The first gentleman on the left is thought to be Roy A. Elkins, son of the auctioneer John H. Elkins of Exeter, who is with cane on the steps. The remaining three on the steps and the man second from left are believed to be Exonians who arrived with the auctioneer. The others: Edward S. (“Ned”) Batchelder (Hampton Selectman), Harold E. Noyes ’14, Col. George Ashworth (Hampton Beach Village Precinct Commissioner), John W. Perkins ’20 (Town Counsel), Eugene M. Leavitt (who excavated for the new Academy and graded its grounds), Byron Redman, Elroy G. Shaw (Hampton Selectman), Elmer Lane, (unidentified), William D. Holman ’41 and Mason W. Carpenter. (Messrs. Batchelder, Leavitt and Perkins were also members of the Hampton Budget Committee in 1940.) The building was razed for salvage in August 1940. [Photo Courtesy of Tuck Museum, Academy Collection]