Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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The Alumni Association Seal

The Alumni Association seal was designed and executed in December 1971 by Hampton Artist Shirley Hall Batchelder. Mrs. Batchelder is the mother of Linda H. (Batchelder) Carr, Class of 1961. Mrs. Batchelder’s husband, the late John P. Batchelder, was Hampton Town Manager in the late 1950s.

The Alumni Association extends its appreciation to Mrs. Batchelder for a job well done. At the 66th Annual Reunion Banquet Meeting in June, the Association’s membership will be asked to make the seal official.

The seal, which first appeared on the souvenir program for the first Annual Basketball Benefit Night last December 22, features the 1852 Academy building (razed in 1940) and the head of an Indian Warrior (Chief Winnawar, the W.H.S. mascot) superimposed on an arrowhead. These symbols represent Hampton Academy & High School and Winnacunnet High School. Around the Indian arrowhead are the initial letters of the four Seacoast Area towns which comprise the Winnacunnet Cooperative School District Hampton, Seabrook, Hampton Falls and North Hampton. Winnacunnet (meaning “beautiful place of the pines”), the first name of the area (in 1638) which is now encompassed by the four towns, is symbolized by two pine branches. Between the two branches is the date “1907” which is the year the Association was founded. The rosettes worked into the Association’s name around the oval seal come from the Hampton Town Seal which, in turn, “borrowed” them from the arms of Southampton, England, the birthplace of many of Winnacunnet’s first settlers. (The Hampton seal was designed in 1938 by Hazle Leavitt Smith, class of 1913.)

In the center of the Association seal is an interwoven “HA & WHS” in profile lettering. Just above this vignette is the motto: “And The End Is Not Yet.” This motto – most fitting for an alumni association – is the motto of the Class of 1936.