Resources in the New Hampshire Room of the Lane Memorial Library

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Genealogical reference materials and
family histories

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Genealogical periodicals

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Town, county and state histories

The Lane Memorial Library's "New Hampshire Room" is home to the library's collection of family genealogies, town histories, genealogical periodicals, and other reference books of genealogical and historical interest. As you enter the room, town histories are on shelves to your immediate right, and family genealogies are in the far right corner of the room. Directly across from you and to your left are town directories, town reports and genealogical periodicals. Other books on New Hampshire than can be checked out of the library are shelved with the regular non-fiction books in the main collection, usually under the numbers 917.42 or 974.2. The library has a budget of $1000 per year to spend on genealogy and local history titles. If you would like to donate money or books to help improve our collection, please contact the library at 603-926-3368 or send an email to bteschek(at) You can see a list of the newest titles added to our history and genealogy collections here.

Following is a list of the type of materials you may find here, some with links to further information:

There are additional historical resources located in other areas of the library as well: