Ships, Shipwrecks and Submarines of Hampton, New Hampshire and Vicinity

Table of Contents

Ships and Boats

From Joseph Dow's History of Hampton
The Sea Captain's Old Bible
Old Hampton folklore about two sea captains from Hampton in the 1600s,
James Philbrick and Samuel Palmer
Hampton's giant anchor and a history of the battleships New Hampshire
The sloop Mayflower
Transcription of an original bill of sale, from an article in PLVS VLTRA Newsletter ,
First Quarter, 2001, courtesy of the author. (PDF file)
USS Kearsarge
Built in Portsmouth in 1861
USS Archerfish
Built in Portsmouth in 1943

The Hampton Boat

The Hampton Boat of Casco Bay
By Warren Watson, Motor Boat , January 25, 1909
The Sturdy Hampton Boat
By Allan O. Goold, Motor Boating , August 1911
"Shrimp", a 25-Foot Hampton Boat
By William J. Deed, Motor Boating , April 1921
How the "Whistler" Came to Be
By William Harnden Foster, Motor Boat , October 10, 1921
The Hampden Boats
By H. I. Chapelle, Yachting , July 1938
Hampton-Hamden Boat
By Charles P. Emerson, American Neptune , v.1, 1941, p. 173
The Hampton Boat
By Phelps Soule, American Neptune , April 1943
The Hampton Boat
By Howard Irving Chapelle, From American small sailing craft,
their design, development and construction
, Norton, 1951, pg. 137-140
The Elusive Hampton Boats
By John Gardner, The Small Boat Journal , November 1979


Storms and Wrecks
From Dow's History of Hampton
Shipwrecks and Coast Watching
by William Everett Cram, Hampton Union , Decmeber 30, 1937
Shipwrecks Off Our Town
A 1951 Hampton Union "Our Town" column by James W. Tucker describing the many shipwrecks off the coast of Hampton over the centuries.
Shipwrecks and Life-Saving
from Peter Randall's 1988 history of Hampton
The Wreck of Rivermouth in 1657 and John Greenleaf Whittier's poem about the disaster
The Mast Ship St. George , wrecked off Hampton Beach on November 30, 1764
The Brig 'Hope' , wrecked at Hampton Beach in November 1798
The William Tell , wrecked off Hampton Beach in the early 1800s.
The Schooner Glendon , wrecked off Hampton Beach on February 9, 1896:
The Hampton Beach Tornado of 1898 , in which 9 people were killed, many in the sinking of a small boat
The Schooner Mary A. Brown , wrecked on Hampton Beach on December 7, 1900.
The Yacht 'Guest List' , abandoned on Hampton Beach in 2014.

Hampton Submarines

Hampton's unique submarine of the 1920's
Rockingham County Gazette & Bordertown News , By Karen Webber, August 10, 1977
USS Hampton (SSN 767)

Other Local Submarine Stories

USS Squalus, (SS-192)
Built in Portsmouth, sunk off the Isles of Shoals: May 23, 1939 -- Salvaged: September 13, 1939.
USS Albacore, (AGSS-569)
Built in Portsmouth in 1952-53, now a museum in Portsmouth
USS Thresher, (SSN-593)
Built in Portsmouth, lost with all hands, east of Boston: April 10, 1963
USS New Hampshire Sub Christened
Atlantic News , June 27, 2008

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