The History of Hampton's Trolleys & Trains

The Trolleys of the Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway, 1899-1926

Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH

"Trolleys to the Casino: Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway"
By O. R. Cummings, 1969
Trolleys to the Casino: Illustrations
By O. R. Cummings, 1969
Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway
An early history of the EH&A.
By O. R. Cummings, 1951, Transportation Volume 5 - Published June 1951
Follow That Trolley
Take a visual ride on an early 20th century electric trolley through Hampton and Hampton Beach of yesteryear, as seen through old photos and postcards. Thank you to Fred Fletcher for producing this video and letting us make it available to the public.
Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway Rolling Stock, 1897-1926
By O. R. Cummings, 1969
Driving the first spike to construct the trolley line through Hampton
Engine And Electric Collide: Destructive Accident on Main Street Crossing Hampton
Hamptons Union , September 2, 1899
O. R. Cummings Trolley Book Signing
At the Tuck Memorial Museum, ca.1970s
A Forgotten Industry
Preface and History of the Briggs Carriage Company, Amesbury, Massachusetts, by O. R. Cummings -- June 1994
Mail Service Was Tops On EHA Street Railway
By O. R. Cummings, New Hampshire Sunday News , January 7, 1973
Remember The Trolley?
By O. R. Cummings
Interesting and Beautiful Scenes Along Line Of Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury Street Railway -- Table of Contents
By D. Fisher, Rumford Printing Company, 1900
1900 -- On Rockingham Electrics
Description of a trolley ride and the Exeter and Hampton Electric company.
The Trolleys Return
Horace Hobbs reminisces about some of the men who worked for the trolley lines
Hampton Union , July 6, 1983
Trolley Car #8 Leaves Hampton for Last Time
By John M. Holman, 1966
End of the Line for Trolley Car .... It's a home!
By John M. Holman
Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway Post Office #18, etc.
A collection of photographs
Yesterday's American Love Affair
By Vern Colby, Seacoast Scene , April 6, 1983
Notes on the History of the Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway
Compiled by Peter E. Randall, 1988
Historic Gift Given At Family Reunion
By Liz Premo, Atlantic News , August 19, 2005

Trains and the Railroad in Hampton

The Eastern Railroad
from Joseph Dow's History of Hampton
New Locomotive To Run Out Of Boston Bound For Portland
The Hampton Union & Rockingham County Gazette , July 3, 1930
Railroading In Old Hampton
By Horace E. Hobbs, Hampton Union , April 28, 1976
The Night Hampton Depot Was Bombarded
By David F. Colt, Jr., Hampton Academy, Class of 1942
Pam AM Seeks to Abandon Railroad
Hampton Union , September 6, 2011
State Acquires Federal Funds to Buy Abandoned Railway
Hampton Union , March 31, 2013

The Modern Day Trolley Buses in Hampton

Trolleys Return To Hampton Beach
By Vern Colby, Seacoast Scene , April 6, 1983
Trolley Coming Back To Hampton
By Norma C. Adams, Hampton Union , May 18, 1983
Summer Bus and Trolley Service to Start at Hampton Beach
From Atlantic News , June 4, 1996
Trolleys Roll Out the Fun
Hampton Union story about the modern day trolleys that service the beach and town in the summer of 2004

This bell, from trolley car #6, a 10-bench open, manufactured by The Briggs Carriage Company of Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1897 for the Exeter Street Railway, was presented to LYNN A DAVIS of Patchogue, New York, a distant relative of The Briggs Carriage Company founder, by JOHN & CONNIE HOLMAN of Hampton, New Hampshire, in grateful appreciation of our mutual interest in trolley car history. -- January 2004.