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(Hampton Structure With A Witch’s Legend)

Newburyport Daily News, Newburyport, Mass.

July 22, 1908

The Tuck House
The Frank Fogg House (renamed “The Tuck House” and home of the
Tuck Memorial Museum in 1925), reputedly haunted by Goody.

HAMPTON VILLAGE, N.H., boasts of a haunted house, says the Boston Post.

It is built on the site of the hut that was occupied in the olden days by “Goody” Cole, the witch made famous by Whittier in his poem, “The Wreck of Rivermouth.”

The house is now occupied by Frank Fogg and his family, who declare that ill luck has pursued them ever since they came to live there.

“We have lived here now for 17 years,” said Mrs. Fogg, “and we have not had a bit of luck since we purchased the place. The pigs and cows act very queerly and at times we can do nothing with them. My husband says he is sure the spirit of Good Cole still curses the place.

“The man of whom we bought the house did not tell us it was once the home of a witch or we would never have bought it. We find it very difficult to sell the place on account of its history.

“It is said that the body of the witch lies buried between the two large trees in front of the house and some decided that if one walks over the grave, it will bring good luck. But it makes us very nervous to think that the body of a witch is on the place.”

(Note: The Frank Fogg house is now the building occupied by the Tuck Memorial Museum. There are no present-day rumors of hauntings there.)

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