Geography and Natural Resources of Hampton, New Hampshire


The Salt Marsh & Salt Haying

Recollections of a Salt Marsh Farmer
John D. Fogg's 1983 book detailing the life of the salt marsh farmers of the Seacoast, with a focus on Seabrook. Everything you'd ever want to know about the old time farmers of the salt marshes.
Marshing Time Approaches & "Going In The Marsh"
By Rev. Roland D. Sawyer, Hampton Union , {dates unknown}
Salt Marsh History
By Ruth G. Stimson, "Forest Notes" , Fall 1962
Saving The Salt Marshes
By Ashlee Palmer & Nancy Devine, Atlantic News , March 9, 16 & 30, 2000
Canal to Salisbury / Nudd's Salt Works
By Joseph Dow, History of Hampton ,Chapter 29 - Part 11
The Hampton Landing and Marshes
"Old Home Day" -- October 1638 - August 1962
The Tidal Marshes
By Peter E. Randall, "Hampton: A Century of Town & Beach" , Chap. 5
The Hampton, New Hampshire Salt Marshes
By Ruth G. Stimson, Hampton's 325th Anniversary, 1638-1963
The Economics Of The Early Salt Marsh
By Ruth G. Stimson, Hampton Union , July 23, 1975
Salt Marsh Indian Relics Are Protected
Hampton Union , July 5, 1978, Page 20
The Hampton Marshes
By John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
Haying the Marshes in Hampton
By John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
The Salt Marsh & Salt Haying
By John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
The Battle of the Marshes
By Ray Murphy in the 1963 New Hampshire Profiles article about the battle between businessmen and conversationists over filling in and developing the salt marshes.
The Salt Meadows
By Stephen T. Whitney, New Hampshire Profiles , June 1971
A Pictorial of the Hampton Marshes
Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, N.H.
Haycocks Reconstructed on Marsh
Two newspaper stories of the building of marsh haycocks in 1984
Nudd's Canal
From the April 1970 issue of "Towpath Topics"
Hampton A Great Place to See Greater Yellowlegs
Hampton Union , May 15, 2007
Baffled by Marsh Structures?
Hampton Union , August 11, 2009
Hampton salt marsh now a prime wetland
Hampton Union , January 10, 2011

Flora and Fauna of Hampton

Hampton's Aged Turtle
By Roland D. Sawyer, Hampton Union , c. 1958
Things on the Wild Side in Hampton
Atlantic News , February 17, 2000
Fisher Cat Activity Reported in Hampton
Atlantic News , February 22, 2001
Monarchs and Milkweed , Diligent Monitoring Helps Conserve Butterfly Habitats
Atlantic News , August 22, 2008
Piping Plovers on the Seacoast , Successful Summer for the Seacoast's Piping Plovers
Atlantic News , August 22, 2008
Frisky Moose Picks Unlikely Partner
Hampton Union, October 08, 2008
Plovers Return to the Seacoast , Agencies Warn Residents to Avoid Endangered Birds
Hampton Union , May 26, 2009
Call of the Wild: Penniman Lane Residents Concerned about Prevalence of Wild Coyotes
Hampton Union , September 4, 2009
Marine Invasive Species
Hampton Union , August 3, 2010
Moose Visits School
Portsmouth Herald , October 20, 2010
Fighting for Shellfish Industry
Hampton Union , April 12, 2011
Seal Pups Arrive Ahead of Schedule in Seacoast
Hampton Union , April 27, 2012
The Crabapple Tree Comes to Hampton
Seacoast Scene , May 23, 2012
Removal of Dead Seals Stirs Concerns
Hampton Union , August 17, 2012
Maintaining 200 birdhouses in town a 'labor of love'
Hampton Union , May 14, 2013
Some Local Wildlife at Hampton Beach
Hampton Beachcomber , June 6-12, 2013
Humans 'not on the menu' : Despite recent shark sighting, risk is said to be low for humans
Hampton Union , August 23, 2013
Seacoast Science Center coming to seals' rescue
Hampton Union , December 17, 2013
Arctic visitors spotted in Seacoast: Record number of snowy owls seen across the region.
Hampton Union, January 3, 2014
Hampton makes way for the ducks
Hampton Union, February 14, 2014
1-in-30 million calico lobster a hit at Hampton Beach
Hampton Union, August 8, 2014

Other Natural Resources in Hampton

The Erosion of Great Boar's Head , by Albert N. Dow
Geography and history of one of Hampton's most distinctive geographical features.
Cedar Swamp Run
Brief story of an area of old Hampton that was set off to the town of Rye in 1730.
What I Found at Hampton Beach, by Prof. J.W. Chickering, Jr.
An 1871 article from the American Naturalist in which a naturalist explores the flora and fauna of Hampton Beach.
By Joseph Dow, History of Hampton , Chapter 1 - Part 1
Hampton River
By Caroline C. Shea, The Exeter News-Letter , October 2, 1931
Historic 'Old Elm' Tree Marked For Destruction
Hampton Union , August 2, 1956
Miles Of Stonewalls Help Unite Us
Hampton Union , February 21, 2006
PSNH Expands Conservation Land
Hampton Union , June 26, 2007
Planning Board Backs Phragmites Removal
Hampton Union , November 23, 2010