These records were created by Mrs. Wendell B. Folsom of the New Hampshire Chapter, D.F.P.A. (Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America) in 1938 and donated to the New Hampshire Historical Society. Some years later Marion Berry Mattoon created another record of this cemetery for the North Hampton Historical Society. When Mattoon’s record differs this has been noted in brackets after each entry. None of these records have been cross-checked at the actual cemeteries, so we cannot vouch for their accuracy.

This cemetery is located on Winnicutt Road.

E. M. Lamprey, Sept 17 1836–June 10 1912. [Mattoon gives the full name as Elizabeth Marston Lamprey and says she is wife of M. Edwin below.]

M. E. Lamprey, Sept 8 1840–June 26 1903. [Mattoon gives the full name as M. Edwin Lamprey and says he is husband of Elizabeth above, and son of John Lamprey below.]

John Lamprey, Dec 13 1804–July 29 1873.
Mary S. his wife, Feb 6 1810–April 2 1899.

Jonathan R. Lamprey, June 24 1834–Aug 14 1860. [Mattoon says he is son of John and Mary above.]

George H. Lamprey, Aug 25 1845–Sept 19 1915. [Matton gives death date as Sept. 17, 1915]