General Committee Town Seal

Judge John W. Perkins, Chairman

Mrs. Olive B. Brooks, Secretary
Edward S. Batchelder, Treasurer
Colonel George Ashworth
Edwin L. Batchelder
Fred R. Batchelder
William Brown
Major Charles E. Greenman
Armas Guyon
Mrs. Gratia G. Hill
Howard G. Lane
Mrs. Sarah M.Lane
Miss Adeline C. Marston
Harry D. Munsey
Elroy G. Shaw
Rev. Herbert Walker
Rev. Edgar Warren

Finance Committee

Sanford G. York,Chairman
Colonel George Ashworth
William Brown
Rev. Herbert Walker
Harry D. Munsey

Invitation Committee

Harry D. Munsey,Chairman
Mrs. Emily C. Hutchins
Howard G. Lane
Irving W. Marston
Mrs. Margaret S. Noyes
Miss Helena A. Savage

Publicity Committee

Arthur L. Penniman,Chairman
Charles F. Butler, Secretary
Fred R. Batchelder
William D. Cram
Chester Davis
Mrs. Althine H. Kennedy
Philip H. Sanderson
Edward S. Seavey
James W. Tucker

Beautification Committee

Dean B. Merrill, Chairman
Myron A. Blake
Philip N. Blake
William M. Blake
David F. Colt
James A. Dineen
Willard M. Emery
Mrs. Gratia G. Hill
Oliver W. Hobbs
Chester G. Marston
Alexander J. Morse
Oscar J. Scammon
Miss Irene J. Trefethen
Miss Grace R. Williams

In April, the Beautification committee authorized and supervised the planting of about one hundred and thirty, sixteen foot, sugar maple trees. The majority were set near the center of the town and should before many years make our streets extremely shady and most attractive.

Historical Committee

Rev. Edgar Warren,Chairman

For Marking Historical Places:

Mrs. Annie M. True, Vice-chairman
Charles F. Adams
Moses W. Brown
Mrs. Isabel H. Colwell
Miss Anna M.Cole
O. Raymond Garland
Miss Marion E. Garland
Kirby W. Higgins
James H. Hutchins
Mrs. Vina M. Jones
Mrs. Florence B. Lamprey
Arthur B. Lamprey
Christopher S. Toppan
Russell M. True
Verne J. Wright

Antique Exhibition

Mrs. Sarah M. Lane, Vice-chairman
Miss Annie E. Akerman
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Briggs
Dr. Wayne P. Bryer
Oliver Cook
Everett P. Coombs
Mrs. Helen O. Henderson
Oliver W. Hobbs
Horace Eastow Hobbs
Edgar W. Hobbs
Mrs. Marion C. Hutchinson
Hollis R. Johnson
Harland G. Litle
Mrs. Agnes M. Leavitt
Mrs. Hazle L. Smith
Mrs. Jessie M. Toppan
Mrs. Margaret M. Wingate

North Hampton

Mrs. Charles Block
Edward M. Smith

Hampton Falls

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Boynton
Miss Frances Healey
Rev. Elvin J. Prescott


Alden L. Colby
Mrs. Ada G. Huntington

East Kingston

A. D. Sargent


Mrs. Levi S. Bartlett
Warren H. Tucker


Howard Brown
John W. York


Miss Agnes Brown
Mrs. Eliza Parsons Marden


Mrs. and Mrs. Charles I. Brock


Everett Weare
Ellsworth Brown

An exhibition of antiques will be open to the general public. An excellent example of an early eighteenth century home, the Towle house, situated on the Lafayette Road just north of the General Moulton house will be furnished in keeping with the period. In the Centre School Auditorium, a priceless collection of museum pieces, too valuable to be placed in other than a fireproof building, will be on display. One of the oldest barns in town will be used to house ancient farm implements and kitchen utensils. It is hoped there will be several private homes available, to be opened for public view. A charge of fifty cents will be made admitting one to all exhibitions open on Sunday, August 21 from 2:30 to 5:00 P.M. and from August 22nd, to August 24th, inclusive, 9:00 to 11:30 A.M. — 2:00 to 5:00 P.M.

It is hoped tht Mr. and Mrs. Roger Birtwell, who are now in possession of the Governor Weare house in Hampton Falls, will consent to open this house to the general public under supervision of the people of that town. This old home, rich in tradition, is situated on top of the hill just beyond the church. Meshech Weare was the first Governor of New Hampshire, an influential citizen, and a personal friend of George Washington. When quartered in Cambridge, Washington rode on horseback to Hampton Falls and spent the night with the Weare family. The room he occupied is even now but little changed. There will be a separate admission charge to this house, should it be opened to the general public.


Committee on Religious Services

Rev. Herbert Walker, Chairman
Mrs. S. Louise Benoit
Mrs. Olive Nudd Clark
Cyrus G. Clark
Walter R. Clark
Miss Anna M. Cole
Mrs. Esther B. Coombs
G. Sumner Fall
Miss Deborah Gale
Miss Helen C. Gilpatrick
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Hammond
Mrs. Helen W. Hayden
Edward H. Hazen
Mrs. Gratia G. Hill
Mrs. Emily C. Hutchins
Miss Alice B. James
Mrs. Mary D. Keene
Rev. J. L. MacLaughlin
Miss Adeline C. Marston
Dean B. Merrill
Harold E. Noyes
Mrs. Margaret S. Noyes
Mrs. Ruth F. Russell
Edward S. Seavey, Jr.
Samuel A. Towle
Mrs. Annie M. True
Miss Esther A. True
Russell M. True
Mrs. Herbert Walker
Rev. Calvin Warbuton
Rev. Edgar Warren
Rev. Ralph W. E. DeWolfe
Mrs. Emma J. Young

9:30 A.M. Preliminary Dedicatory Service on Meeting House Green.
(Site of First MeetingHouse)
Short address by Rev. Robert G. Armstrong, Secretary of State Conference.
Costumed congregation will parade to Congregational Church.

10:30 A.M. Historical Pageant Union Service in the Congregational Church.
Five ancient ministers who have served this church will be represented.
A sermon preached by Rev. Nathaniel Gookin 1727 will be repeated.
Puritan Forms and Costumes will be observed.
All churches and public invited.

MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 1938.

Athletic Events and Tercentenary Ball.

Athletic Committee

Henry B. Hobbs, Chairman
Mrs. Wilma M. White, Secretary
Irving Campbell
Miss Eleanor J. Churchill
Clifford H. Eastman
William I. Elliot
Roland C. Emery
Arnold E. George
D. Malcolm Hamilton
H. Ellsworth Hobbs
Russell A. Hobbs
Roger M. James
Clarence R. Kershaw
Edmund Langley Jr.
Carlisle E. Moody
Miss Thelma F. Paige
Roland W. Paige
Edward S. Seavey, Jr.
Harold D. Shaw
Elroy G. Shaw
Miss Betty Tobey
Philip M. Toppan
Winslow M. White

Athletic Day Program, Tuck Memorial Field

No admission charge to witness any of these events.

9:00 A.M.: Events for senior men, sixteen and over:
880 yard run — 440 yard run — 220 yard dash — 100 yard dash — 220 yard low hurdles —
120 yard high hurdles — High Jump — Broad jump — Pole vault — Shot put.
Junior boys — under sixteen years:
75 yard dash — High jump — Running broad jump.
Senior girls — sixteen and over:
50 yard dash — Broad jump — High jump — Basketball toss — Baseball throw — Potato race.
Junior girls — under sixteen years:
50 yard dash — Baseball throw — Three Legged Race.
Appropriate medals will be given for each event, a gold medal for first,
silver for second, and bronze for third prize.

1:00 P.M. Ten mile road race — both start and finish will be at Tuck Field
— two silver cups will be awarded, one each for first and second places.
2:00 P.M. Tennis Tournament.
3:00 P.M. Baseball Game — Hampton Town Team, 1937 Champions of the Portsmouth Sunset League,
and a strong New England semi-professional baseball club.


8:00 P.M.
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Mrs. C. Hazel Coffin — Chairman
Louis B. Janvrin, Secretary
John W. R. Brooks, Master of Ceremonies
Colonel George Ashworth
Mrs. Annette M. Batchelder
Mrs. Olive B. Brooks
Thomas Cogger
Victor J. Grandmaison
Armas Guyon
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Howe
Mrs.Marion Janvrin
Albert Z. Lamie
Fred Lorenz
Mrs. Ethel B.Munsey
Harold E. Noyes
Harold W. Winchester
Mrs. Rose J. Williams

Early American dances will be correctly presented and teams from some of the towns which were once a part of Hampton will compete for a trophy. In rehearsing for this event, Franklin Cutting, Pembroke, New Hampshire, has been the dancing instructor; Leon Stewartson, Concord, New Hampshire, announcer and fiddler; and John W. Creighton, Hampton, New Hampshsire, at the piano.

Dances to be presented:
Lady Washington Reel
Fisher’s Horn Pipe
Hull’s Victory
Chorus Jig
Leon Stewartson’s orchestra will furnish the music for the colonial dances.



Mr. Harold E. Noyes, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott Noyes
Mr.and Mrs. O. Raymond Garland
Mrs. Ethel D. Munsey
Mrs. Hazel Myers Brown
Mr. Charles H. Raymond
Miss Pauline Whitney
Mr. Edgar W. Howe

Hampton Falls

Mr. Louis B. Janvrin, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Batchelder
Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Janvrin
Mrs. Edwina MacConnell
Mr. Jack Irving
Mrs. Grace Trafton
Mr.Robert Van Horne
Mrs. Florence Batchelder
Mr. Myron L. Brown
Mr. Oliver Akerman
Miss Elinore Brown


Mr. George B. Stevens, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Clark
Mr.and Mrs. Clinton Avery
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Conant
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pray
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bennett

North Hampton

Mrs. James F. Leavitt, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis
Mr.and Mrs. James F. Leavitt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Storm
Miss Irene Craven
Mr. Herman L.Norton


Miss Charlotte M. Eaton, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Locke
Miss Charlotte M. Eaton
Mr. Reginald Dow
Mrs. Edyth Chase
Mr. William Dow
Miss Roda Raddin
Mr. Harry C. Brown
Mrs. Lizzie Eaton
Mr. Frank L. Hatch


Governor and Mrs. Francis P. Murphy will lead the Grand March, followed by the Governor’s Military Staff,
the Executive Council, and other notables.

CONCERT: 8:00 — 8:30 P.M.

Dancing until midnight. Admission 50c; no tax. Music furnished by Hampton Beach Casino Orchestra. The General Committee and the Ball Committee of the Tercentenary wish to take this opportunity to thank the Hampton Beach Casino Associates, John E. Cuddy, Jr., Napoleon L. Demara, James A. Dineen, and John J. Dineen, for the use of the Ballroom and the orchestra, and also in extending their hearty cooperation in helping to make this Ball a success.


Old Home Day and an Historical Pageant-Spectacle

Old Home Day Committee

Mrs. Helen K. Brown, Chairman
Mrs. Charlotte J. Batchelder, Secretary
Colonel George Ashworth
Edward S. Batchelder
Miss Etta C. Blake
Mrs. Marilla P. Brown
Mrs.Lottie H. B. Bryant
Mrs.Mary C. Clarke
Mrs.Olive Nudd Clark
Douglas E. Hunter
Miss Annie L.Johnson
Frank S. Mason
Miss Jessie A. Moulton
Miss Caroline B. Nudd
Mrs. Bernice G. Palmer
Mrs. E. Ruth Perkins
Miss Ruth Perkins
Mrs. Hilda M. Perkins
Byron E. Redman
Kenneth N. Ross
Mrs. Carrie H. Scott
Miss Constance Tobey
Miss Margaret Tobey
Mrs. Emma J. Young

10:00 A.M. Get-together on Tuck Memorial Field with band cocncert and special entertainment.
Free transportation to historical places in town.
12:15 P.M. Luncheon at Hotel Ashworth for invited guests.
12:30 P.M. Old fashioned luncheon in churches.
2:00 P.M. Old Home Day exercises from band stand in front of Hampton Beach Casino.
Welcome by His Excellency Governor Francis P. Murphy.
Historical address by noted speaker.
Greetings from other distinguished guests.
Musical program arranged and furnished by State Symphony Orchestra and Temple Choir.

Pageant Committee
Miss Adeline C. Marston, Chairman
Miss Vivian Wood, Tickets
Eugene M. Tilton, Properties
Miss Elanor H. Janvrin, Secretary
Mrs. Helen W. Hayden, Costumes
Alfred F. Janvrin, Seating and Grounds
Mrs. Lorraine L. Brooks
Dr. Wayne P. Bryer
Walter R. Clark
Mrs. Esther B. Coombs
Mrs. Louise L. Davidson
Mrs.Lillian M. Dearborn
Mrs. Alice I. Elliot
Mrs. Anna M. Elwell
Miss Deborah Gale
Miss Ruth Gilman
Mrs. Anna H. Gillmore
Roy W. Gillmore
Jerome F. Harkness
James E. Hay
Arthur P. Heath
Mrs. Elsa M. Johnson
Elmer G. Lane
Mrs. Carrie N. Mace
Mrs. Jessie M. Myers
Mrs. Ruth L. Palmer
Mrs. Marian L. Penniman
Mrs. Helen A. Perkins
Mrs. Gertrude Sherburne
Mrs.Muriel E. Stillings
Mrs. Eloise Lane Smith
Mrs. Ssrah B. Tobey
Samuel A. Towle
Mrs. Ethel G. Uhlig
Mrs. Marion D. Winchester


Otis Eastman
Howard A. Blake
John W. York

Hampton Falls

Mrs. George J. Brown
Carleton S. Edgerly
Miss Pearl Swain


Walter G. Marston


Mrs. Ray Coombs
Mr. Emery N. Eaton
Mrs. Fred J. Goodwin
Mrs. Fred J. Goodwin
Mr. Irving Lewis
Mr. Earl Mooreland

North Hampton

Miss Marian Berry
Mrs. Grace M. Chevalier
Gordon L. Dow
Mrs. Helen B. Drake
Mrs. Gertrude Hobbs
Paul W. Hobbs
Rev. Floyd Kingsley
James F. Leavitt
Mrs. Ruth K. Leavitt
Mrs. Mabel D. Marston
Herman L. Norton
Mrs. Margaret B. Seavey


Parade Day and Historical Pageant-Spectacle Repeated

Parade Committee

William Brown, Chairman
Miss Helen C. Gilpatrick, Secretary
Colonel George Ashworth
Horace M. Batchelder
Albert A. Brown
Mrs. Frances W. Brown
Mrs. Martha G. Cash
Mrs.Louise M. Clark
Norman M. Coffin
John E. Cuddy, Jr.
Elmore L. Dearborn
Floyd I. Gale
Mrs. Martha D. Greene
Major Charles E. Greenman
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Hammond
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Hay
Arthur P. Heath
Edgar W. Howe
Philip W. Howe
Alfred F. Janvrin
John A. Janvrin
Homer A. Johnson
Elmer C. King, Jr.
Elmer G. Lane
Howard G. Lane
Geordge H. Lamott
Eugene M. Leavitt
Mrs. Hilda G. Morse
Arthur W. Noyes
Everett L. Nudd
Mrs. Maude E. Nudd
Charles H. Palmer
Roscoe B. Palmer
John G. Percival
Geordge L. Perkins
Harold G. Perkins
Mrs. Elvena H. Ross
Homer H. Sanborn
Russell M. True
Mrs. Ada B. Tobey
Marvin F. Young

1:00 P.M. Parade — Line of March, High Street to Lafayette Road to Winnacunnet Road thence to Hampton Beach Boulevard ending at the mile bridge. Tentative line-up of parade: Police escort, marshal and aides, representatives of the State, town officials and guests, Members of the 250th celebration, Legions, Schools, Historical Floats, Civic Floats, Fraternal Order’s Floats, and decorated cars. Bands will be interspersed throughout the line of parade.

8:45 P.M. Same program as on August 23rd at this hour.


Eunice “Goody”Cole Day

Hampton Beach

2:00 P.M. Burning of documents by the Selectmen of the Town of Hampton in accordance with Article 16 in the town wasrrant adopted by the townspeople at the regular town meeting March 8, 1938.

Article 16. To see if the town will vote to adopt the following resolution:

Resolved: that we, the citizens of the town of Hampton in town meeting assembled do hereby declare that we believe that Eunice (Goody) Cole was unjustly accused of witchcraft and of familiarity with the devil in the seventeenth century, and we do hereby restore the said Eunice (Goody) Cole her rightful place as a citizen of the town of Hampton.

Be it further resolved: that at such time as the Selectmen shall elect during the Tercentenary of the town of Hampton, appropriate and fitting ceremonies shall be held to carry out the purposes of this resolution by publicly burning certified copies of all official documents relating to the false accusations against Eunice (Goody) Cole, and that the burned documents together with soil from the reputed last resting places and from the site of the home of Eunice (Goody) Cole be gathered in an urn and reverently placed in the ground at such place in the town of Hampton as the Selectmen shall designate.


REV. RALPH WALKER, Baptist Temple, Los Angeles, Cal.
Appropriate music arranged and furnished by the Hampton Beach Concert Band.


10:30 A.M. A modern, forward-looking service, Congregational Church. Rev. Allen K. Chalmers D.D. of Broadway Tabernacle, New York City, will preach the sermon. All churches and public invited. Former and local ministers will assist. Amplification outdoors.

6:00 P.M. Closing service of the Tercentenary Celebration, Congregational Chapel and Church. All churches and public invited. Social Fellowship, Refreshments, Community Singing of Old Hymns, Greetings, and reminiscence, Communion Service.

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