Hampton Union, Thursday, August 25, 1938

The Tercentenary Ball Monday night was a most brilliant affair.

Governor Francis P. Murphy was escorted to the Casino Ballroom to open the festifities and lead the grand march of costumed couples who were to participate in the old fashioned dance contest.

The dancing contests were held during the first part of the evening with Governor Murphy and his party watching the spectacle from a reviewing stand on the south side of the dancing floor. After judges made their decision, Governor Murphy made the presentation of the cup to the Hampton Falls team which won the prize.

John W. R. Brooks of Hampton acted as master of ceremonies during the evening while Roy Stewartson of Concord was prompter during the old fashioned dances. Music was by Bob Pooley and his Hampton Beach orchestra.

Included in Governor Murphy’s party were Rear Admiral Cyrus W. Cole, commandant of Portsmouth Navy Yard; Lieut. Comdr. J. J. Curley, Jr., commandant’s aide; Councilor Charles M. Dale and Mrs. Dale of Portsmouth, Councilor George Rolfe of Concord, Councilor and Mrs. Thomas Murray of Manchester, Maj. Charles E. Greenman of Hampton, Maj. and Mrs. Anthony Benjes of Lebanon, Maj. and Mrs. Stanley Burns of Dover, Maj. and Mrs. John W. Bryan of Nashua, Maj. and Mrs. Carl M. Fryburg of Manchester, Lient. and Mrs. William D. McPherson of Concord, Maj. and Mrs. Albert D. Colburn of Somersworth and Capt. and Mrs. Bertram Goulet of Manchester.

Others in the party and having seats in the reviewing stand were Miss Fay Hardy of Brookline, Mass.; Judge and Mrs. William H. Hinchey of Woburn, Mass; Judge and Mrs. Arthur E. Sewall of Portsmouth; Rev. Walker of the Hampton Congregational Church, and Mrs. Walker; Col. George Ashworth of Hampton Beach; Judge John W. Perkins of Hampton, general chairman, and Mrs. Perkins; Mrs. Hazel Coffin of Hampton, chairman of the Tercentenary ball committee; and Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks of Hampton.

Later in the evening Governor Hurley of Massachusetts with his aide, Capt. Patrick T. MacQueeny of Boston arrived and they were greeted by Governor Murphy’s military staff. The visiting governor then led the old fashioned dancers, around the hall before being officially greeted by Gov. Murphy on the reviewing stand. Gov. Hurley was accompanied in the march by Mrs. John Perkins of Hampton, wife of the general chairman of the Tercentenary Committee.

The judging of the old-time dancing event was by Mrs. Edith J. Rogers of Concord, Edward G. Rand of Warner and Arthur L. Dow of Gilmanton.

The group from Hampton Falls participating who were awarded the prize of a silver loving cup suitably inscribed, was composed of Louis B. Janvrin, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Batchelder, Mrs. Edwina MacConnell, Mr. Jack Irving, Mrs. Grace Trafton, Mr. Robert Van Horne, Mrs. Florence Batchelder, Oliver Akerman, Miss Elinor Brown and Mr. Myron L. Brown.

Much applause to the Governors was given on their arrival with special music and lighting effects adding much beauty to the occasion. The committee was headed by Mrs. C. Hazel Coffin, chairman with Mr. Louis B. Janvrin as the secretary. Others assisting were Col. George Ashworth,. Mrs. Annette Batchelder, Mrs. Olive Brooks, Thomas Cogger, Napoleon DeMara, Victor Grandmaison, Armas Guyon, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Howe, Mrs. Marion Janvrin, Albert Z. Lamie, Fred Lorenz, Mrs. Ethel Munsey, Harold Noyes, Harold Winchester and Mrs. Rose J. Williams. John W. R. Brooks, also of the committee, acted as master of ceremonies.

The Casino Associates deserve the utmost thanks for their generous use of their beautiful Casino Ballroom which made such an attractive setting for this outstanding event.