Photos Courtesy of Atlantic News

Identification courtesy of former
Hampton Police Chief Robert E. Mark, 1980-1994
and Officer John W. Donaldson

Spring of 1971; 1st row, left to right: 1. Dorothy Berquist, 2. Robert McLaughlin, 3. Thomas Krajewski, 4. Don Barnard, 5. Chief Clayton Bousquin, 6. William Ritchie, 7. Robert E. Mark, 8. James Tuttle; 2nd row, left to right: 1. Detective Norman Brown, 2. Sgt. John Nickerson, 3. Raymond Smith, 4. Sgt. Joseph MacDonald – (deceased), 5. Thomas Mallory – (deceased), 6. Raymond Namie, 7. Lt. Charles Garland, 8. Detective Paul Cronin.

[Year unknown]; Left to right: 1. Chief Paul Leavitt, 2. Gus McLeavy, 3. Calvin Leonard, 4. George Pierson, 5. Curt McCrady, 6. John Woodburn, 7. Clifford Eastman, 8. Clinton Rand.
[A Colt Photo]

[Photo, late 1979-80]; Left to right: 1. Arthur Harrington, 2. Al Roach, 3. Gary Herbert, 4. Jack Donaldson (?), 5. Robert Lacroix, 6. Neil Socha, 7. Paul Sullivan, 8. ———– Lesquues, 9. James Kennedy, 10. Don Barnard, 11. Bill Nickerson, 12. Phil Russell, 13. Thomas Krajewski, 14. Richard Bateman, 15. John Cross, 16. Dale Jovin, 17. Bill Lally.

[Mid to late 1960s]; Chief Paul Leavitt leading the Memorial Day parade at junction of High Street and Lafayette Road.
1st row, left to right: 1. John Woodburn, 2. Walter Ward, 3. Brian Hammond,
2nd row, left to right: 1. Ronald Lower, 2. Richard Audet or Ray Whitcomb {?}, 3. Joseph MacDonald.
3rd row, left to right: 1. Neil Prakop,

[Memorial Day parade 5/31/1971]; 1st row, left to right: 1. Sgt. Robert E. Mark, 2. Sgt. Joseph MacDonald, 3. Cpl. Clifford Eastman, 4. Sgt. Paul Cronin.
2nd row, left to right: 1. Chief Clayton Bousquin, 2. {?}.
In rear: Helen Ceres & Sylvia Moulton.
[Photo by Beckman Photo Service]

Recruit class swearing-in ceremony conducted by Town Clerk, Helen Hayden, Summer 1971:
Left to right: Dale Jovin, Greg Keazer, Richard Bateman, Charles Park, Raymond Elliot, David Field, Al Roach, Vic Demarco, James Kennedy & Dennis Pelletier.
[Photography by Culliford, Hampton, NH]

[Snow storm of 1978]; Left to right: 1. Richard Bateman, 2. Pamela Renner, Dispatcher,
3. John Cross, 4. Don Barnard.

[Year unknown] Left to right: 1. Police Officer Pvt. Phyllis Jelinski, part timer from Conn.,
2. Dispatcher, Pamela Renner on telephone.

[Snow storm of 1978] Left to right: 1. Sgt John Nickerson, 2. Deputy Chief Robert E. Mark.
[“Radio Console was up on milk crates, as the floor was flooded from the storm of ’78.” — Jack Donaldson.]

WHO’S WHO? — This photograph (taken ca. 1970) shows the late Sgt. Joe MacDonald, Juvenile Officer of the Hampton Police Department, with a group of children at the crosswalk at Centre School on Winnacunnet Road. The two boys in the center are Dan and David Paul. Moving right from those two are Stephanie Scott, Mike Cusack, Linda Cusack and either Sherry Scott or Kerry Cusack. The three children at left are unknown at present, but some suggestions are Judy Law, Deb Gaulin and Mike Colin.
[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo]