Hampton News

The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. Alice Tolman on Friday at 2:30 o’clock, p.m.

Rev. Frank L. Long is receiving warm congratulations upon the birth of a son Wednesday morning.

Orlando L. Blake is slowly recovering from a dangerous attack of acute indigestion.

People are missing the cucumbers from Mr. Glines’s hot houses this year. Owing to the lack of coal Mr. Glines has been unable to do anything.

The Woman’s Relief Corps will give an entertainment for the benefit of the Red Cross in G. A. R. hall on Wednesday the 27th at 2:30 p. m. There will be a short farce by some of the members, music and refreshments. Admission, 15 cents. All are cordially invited.

Miss Adeline C. Marston spent the weekend in Boston and Somerville.

Mrs. Elsie J. Godfrey wishes to express her appreciation of the remembrances which the W. R. C. recently sent her.

Blue birds and robins have come to remind us that spring is really coming.

Mrs. Gookin and Mrs. James recently visited Mrs. Thomas Sanborn in Concord.

The Mothers’ Circle will meet with Mrs. William Gilpatrick Wednesday evening, March 27.

Under the auspices of the Monday club a musicale was given at the town hall on Monday evening under the direction of Mrs. Gertrude Young and Mrs. Alice Thompson, for the benefit of the local branch of the Red Cross, for the purpose of purchasing wool. The committee in charge was fortunate in having one of the pleasantest evenings of the winter, and a well-filled house was the result. The program was pleasing, each number being finely rendered and each responded to encores, showing much talent. Special mention may be made of little Marjorie Wood, a pupil of Mrs. Young who played her solo with much dignity and grace. The following ladies took part in the entertainment: Mrs. Gertrude Young, Miss Marian Murphy, Miss Freda White, Miss Mary Chase, Miss Marjory Wood, Miss Mary Craig, [and] Miss Dorothy Stevens. Miss Green with the Hampton Academy Glee club was an added feature much enjoyed, and shows great promise for the future. Miss Mary Craig was the reader for the evening and gave her selections in her usual bright manner. A social dance followed, which the young people appreciated. A good sum of money was realized. A Red Cross quilt, donated by Mrs. Clara P. Philbrick, was on exhibition and the sum of ten dollars was raised from the sale of post cards. Mr. Frank Stevens, who won the quilt, again presented it to the Red Cross for future sale.