Hampton News

As we go to press the ringing of the bells announce the reported surrender of Germany to the Allies.

Joseph Redman was the oldest person to cast a vote at the election on Tuesday. He stated this was the 75th election at which he had voted.

There will be a harvest supper in the town hall Friday evening under the auspices of Ocean Side grange to which everyone is cordially invited. The supper will be 25 cents a plate and the proceeds will go toward the allotment of $2900 which Hampton has to raise for the United War Work Fund.

In connection with this supper there will be an exhibit of fruit, vegetables and preserves of the school children and adults. Exhibit opens at 3:30 o’clock. For further particulars see the advertisement in another column. Everyone is urged to be present and bring exhibits.

We have received a letter form Theodore Lamprey which we will publish next week.

Horace Hobbs:

Mr. Horace Hobbs passed away on Tuesday afternoon after a long and painful illness during which he has been faithfully cared for by his wife and children. Mr. Hobbs was born Aug. 5, 1843, in the same house in which he had always lived and which was the home of his ancestors, who were among the first settlers of the town. He leaves a wife and four children, besides grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mr. Hobbs was known by all as a kind, friendly man, interested in all good works, a faithful member and attendant at the Congregational church, as long as his health permitted. The funeral services were held at the home on Thursday afternoon.

Miss Mary Toppan entertained the teachers of the town at dinner on Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Hayden, inspector for Perkins W. R. C. has requested that the Corps be ready for inspection [on the?] 13th. A special meeting is called for Saturday, the 9th, at two o’clock sharp.

New families are still moving into town, whose men work in the Navy Yard. Many will probably go away after the war activities are over. In the meantime we must make them welcome.

Dr. Ward has quite a number of new cases of influenza in Seabrook.

The regular sewing meeting will be held Friday afternoon as usual.